Video games and apps development.

Educational video games, serious games, casual games, tracking panel, etc.

TeachLabs is a videogames and applications development company based in the center of Málaga. Our specialty is educational video games, general training games, gamification, serious games and applications for monitoring and monitoring the learning of players.


We incorporate the latest technology in our projects: augmented reality, virtual reality, geolocation, etc.


Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make a proposal tailored to your needs. Contact us at or calling at  (+34) 634501804

This is what we can do for you:

Video games for all platforms

Our team has worked on a wide range of video games since 2001. We have extensive experience in the development of video games for different platforms:


  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc)
  • Android
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo (DS, wii, Switch, etc.)
  • Web
  • PC/Mac

Educational video games

Our specialty: video games that allow any player to learn any type of content. From children’s videogames so that the youngest ones learn math, language, languages, etc., to games for the older ones that allow them to learn and develop work skills.


These games can be complemented with tracking applications that allow traceability of the students’ educational progress, as well as their communication and tutoring.

Tracking. monitoring and evaluation platform

Our hallmark: a platform that allows you to follow the player’s educational progress in real time. This allows a group of students to be evaluated simultaneously without affecting the quality of said evaluation.

Some of the features that can be included in the tracking panel are:

  • Chat: communication with students
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Custom reports
  • Management of students, teachers and groups.
  • Evaluation of specific skills and competences: key competences, professional competences, etc.
  • Custom made: total flexibility in the design and functionality of the monitoring and evaluation platform

Do you have an idea? We are looking forward to meet you!

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make a proposal tailored to your needs. Contact us at or calling at  (+34) 634501804

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) is an environment of scenes or objects of real appearance. The most common meaning refers to an environment generated by computer technology, which creates in the user the feeling of being immersed in it.


This environment is contemplated by the user through a device known as virtual reality glasses or helmet. This can be accompanied by other devices, such as gloves or special suits, that allow a greater interaction with the environment as well as the perception of different stimuli that intensify the sensation of reality.

Realidad aumentada (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that is progressively becoming part of our lives, joining in different areas.


Thanks to it, we can combine virtual elements with the real physical environment, resulting in a mixed reality, without replacing physical reality. This provides another different perspective to facilitate the performance of many activities.


For this it is necessary to use a device (Smartphone, Tablet, video game console, PC, RA glasses …) that has a screen, a camera and augmented reality software. In this way the information becomes digital and interactive.

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