Student plays, teacher evaluates..

A stimulating video game for the student that provides the teacher with information related to the learning process.

Educacional video games

Our videogames allow students to experience an adventure in the first person, while learning all the contents of a subject.

Panel del profesor Teachlabs

Teacher dashboard

While the student plays, the teacher can monitor all the educational progress through the teacher’s panel, which allows him to perform the evaluation in real time.

Contenidos curriculares Teachlabs

Curricular contents

Each video game contains the contents of a school subject, adapting to the current Education law.

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Innovative methodologies and attention to diversity.

Different learning styles, gamification, key competences, attention to diversity


A digital educational environment consisting of 5 video games for each school year. Each video game corresponds to each of the subjects.

Attention to diversity

The educator can establish an individualized level of difficulty for each student (attention to diversity, special needs, etc.)

Key competences

Our video games promote competency-based learning, which allows the student to develop skills for the rest of his life.

Choose your style

In our video games, learning styles are reflected as different paths that students can freely choose to reach the same goal.


Este proyecto ha sido subvencionado por el CDTI y cuenta con el apoyo del Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad.
Empresa: TEACHLABS, S.L.

Nº de Identificación del expediente: SNEO-20151156

Acrónimo del proyecto: TLABS


Resumen: El objetivo del proyecto de TeachLabs – Educación Gamificada Basada en las Nuevas Tecnologías- es el desarrollo de un entorno educativo digital gamificado para tablets (iOS o Android), basado en las materias curriculares establecidas por el sistema educativo vigente en cada región.

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